Hire Intelligently.

Get the power to differentiate between similar looking candidates.

We invite you to test drive the LitmusBlox platform and share your experience and feedback. First 100 companies to sign-up for the LitmusBlox test drive will get a free Litmus Lite subscription at the launch.

What is LitmusBlox?

LitmusBlox gives you deep insights into candidates' capabilities and their true match for jobs you are hiring for. Our patent pending "TrueFit Capability Ranking Engine" goes beyond resume screening and skill assessments. Each candidate’s capability is mapped from 50 to 150 checkpoints based on the role and experience level.

LitmusBlox's engine automates the entire process. You simply select the role you are hiring for and upload potential candidates with their contact information - LitmusBlox does the rest. The AI-powered Engine manages communications and collects responses from each candidate, whether 10 or 10,000.

Every response is analyzed and mapped to the Capability Matrix along with the Litmus score. LitmusBlox's TrueFit Capability Matrix guides managers during the interview process to make informed hiring decisions.

How LitmusBlox Helps You

50% reduction

in the number of interviews required for each role

70% reduction

in time and effort (of HR and Hiring Managers) in hiring the right candidates

No more hiring on "gut feel"

Hire intelligently with insightful Capability Matrix for each candidate

The Revolution in Candidate and Job Matchmaking - TEDxVITPune

Sameer Agashe, our co-founder’s Ted talk on inherent flaws in today’s hiring process and a different way of looking at solving the problem.