Sameer AghasheSameer Aghashe | May 17, 2019

I recently got an opportunity to present a TedX talk at VIT Pune.

The purpose of my talk was to highlight a very inherent flaw in our current hiring process and a strong need to revolutionize the job matchmaking industry.

You would be surprised to know that as much as 65% of the working population is frustrated with their jobs.  They are forcing themselves to work for something they are not satisfied with. I have browsed through thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates and this is the conclusion I have arrived at – employees want an organization that makes the best use of their capabilities, help them grow professionally and while keeping their welfare maintained.

Unfortunately, that’s where the balance is missing, making workforce dissatisfied with their current jobs.

Over the years, a lot of processes and technologies have evolved but they have never been able to address the mismatch of the 3 aspects – capabilities, job expectations and remuneration. Interestingly, these 3 points also decide your happiness because you spend a substantial time at your workplace.

I presented a carefully curated approach that holds the potential to revolutionize the job matchmaking industry and create a win-win situation for both employees and employers.