AvatarPrashant Shringarpure | May 21, 2019

In a typical scenario

In a typical scenario, the recruiter sends the screened CVs to the hiring manager who has to read through each CV and confirm whether the candidate should be shortlisted for interview. Since most CVs look similar, the hiring manager goes by gut feeling depending on his/her interpretation of what the candidate would have done at work. This results in a poor conversion ratio during interviews. The billable time of interview panel gets wasted in interviewing misaligned candidates.

With LitmusBlox

As you know LitmusBlox’s addresses this problem by automating the screening through an AI-powered chatbot, which gets to know each candidate’s capability for the role. Capability heatmap is created by mapping candidates’ capabilities for each area. Litmus Profile gives a clear picture to the recruiter and hiring manager to see the candidate’s alignment with job expectation and shortlist only the relevant candidates.

Our research shows that hiring managers have saved up to 50% of their billable time and efforts when using Litmus profile as a tool to shortlist candidates.

Sharing Litmus Profile with multiple managers at once

Recruiters share candidates’ profiles with one manager, typically the hiring manager. There could be a scenario where recruiters feel that based on candidates’ Litmus Profile, he/she may be a good fit for a similar position open for another hiring manager.

LitmusBlox now allows you to share Litmus Profiles of one or more candidates with more than one managers from one screen by adding names and emails of respective managers. Each manager will receive an email notification with candidate list and a link to their respective Litmus Profile.