AvatarPrashant Shringarpure | April 6, 2020

Amazon is among some of the biggest businesses in the world. Consequently, it is also one of the biggest employers across the globe. In the past few years, Amazon has seen robust growth in its e-commerce as well as web services business. Hence it has been hiring at a manic pace.

Over the years, Amazon has established itself as a world-class organisation to work with.

For thousands of job openings that it rolls out every year, it receives lakhs of applications. However, only the very best are hired through a rigorous recruitment process.

Thanks to thousands of hirings happening every year, the recruitment process at Amazon is very mature. It is a master in the art of recruiting the top talent from the highly competitive & rapidly evolving job market.

There are a number of important things that recruiters can learn from Amazon’s bulletproof hiring strategy. We have listed down the top 5 of them for you.

Amazon’s unique bar raisers programme

Amazon’s 14 leadership principles guide it as an organisation. You can gauge their importance by the fact that they form the company’s mission statement. Unsurprisingly, they are also deeply rooted in the company’s recruitment process. This is where the bar raiser programme comes into the picture. As part of this, they bring a person as an interviewer who is not associated with the team for which the candidate is being interviewed.

The role of this interviewer is to be the herald of the organisation’s leadership principles. They assess whether the interviewee has leadership & other necessary skills & he fits Amazon’s work culture. Amazon’s bar raisers give the hiring team a unique and unbiased about the candidate.

Optimisation of the hiring process

Just like any other large employer, Amazon has optimised its hiring process through a lot of trial and error. Amazon believes that the time consumed in interviewing the candidates is paramount. If your employees are spending several hours a week in hiring the candidates, then they are losing out on other productive activities. Such a process is not scalable with your company’s growth.

Use technology to improve the recruitment process constantly

At Amazon, recruiters are always looking for ways in which technology can contribute to hiring the best candidate in the least possible time. Amazon’s high volume on-going recruitment process rides on its robust technology infrastructure.

Not just performers, but also mentors

One of Amazon’s fundamental leadership principle is — “hire & develop”. The company makes sure that the people joining them are not just great individual performers, but also capable of improving the productivity of their teammates & subordinates thorough their mentoring skills.

It aims to hire the best people from the market & further enhance their skills. Hence, it gives so much importance to mentoring. This is something that every recruiter must learn from

Amazon’s hiring strategy. You must make sure that every person you hire possesses skills like hiring and mentoring.

The 50 per cent rule

Amazon’s 50 per cent rule is a simple & effective rule designed to increase the productivity & efficiency of the organisation every time a new person joins it. The onus of ensuring that this rule is followed strictly during the interviews falls on the heads of the company’s 3,000 plus bar raisers.

The bar raisers make sure that the candidate being interviewed is stronger in terms of skills & from at least 50 per cent other people doing the same or similar job in the company. You may not have such a team of bar raisers in your company, but you can definitely improve your hiring process & it’s the outcome by implementing the 50 per cent rule of Amazon.

The 5 key takeaways that we discussed in this blog can significantly improve your hiring process, considering that you are consistent with their implementation. Remember that the road to perfection never ends. Hence, you must continuously search for & implement techniques that can help you hire better and faster.