AvatarPrashant Shringarpure | March 23, 2020

Every organisation aims to hire and work with top talent, but only a few have cracked the code to hire the best candidates successfully. One such company is Google. Even though it boasts an employee base of more than 60,000, its entire workforce comprises of only the best people in their respective areas of expertise.

On the outside, their recruitment process may appear mystical to you, but in truth, it is very much similar to what other companies follow. They just do it 10 times better. Over the years, they have refined and optimised their hiring processes. Learning key takeaways from their recruitment process can help you take a quantum leap in the race to hire top talent.

So, here is the art and science of Google’s secret to hiring the best employees.

Hire those who are smarter than you

Google believes in setting up a very high standard for even the first layer of the recruitment funnel. The first step in this direction is to define what a high standard is for a particular position that you want to fill. The easiest way to do so is to hire a person who is smarter than you. Google believes that no position in the organisation is insignificant.

Even if you are hiring for a seemingly simple position like front desk administrator, you must make sure that the candidate can handle the role better than anyone else could in your organisation. Recruiters often compromise on the quality of the candidate when they are constrained by time. However, Google follows a no-compromise policy. They keep their search on till they find the perfect candidate for the position.

Find talent from your employees’ network

Google believes that smart people have smart friends. The company has employed more than 60,000 incredibly smart people. It is very likely that they have a network of very brilliant people. Therefore, it puts its employees to the task of finding the top talent.

The takeaway is that you can put the smartest people in your company to the task of sourcing candidates for employment. Find out your best-networked employees with a strong presence on LinkedIn, alumni groups, and other professional networks.

Don’t leave the responsibility of finding talent on HR alone

A perk of being a huge corporation is that Google can distribute the various tasks involved in the recruitment cycle to various people in the company. Small companies find it challenging to achieve. People have to wear multiple hats when it comes to handling responsibilities in such places. Hence, the complete onus of recruitment falls on 2-3 people which makes the entire process inefficient and less productive.

The smart utilisation of organisation’s manpower to empower recruitment is something you can learn from Google. So, it is a good idea to ask your employees to optimise their time and devote some time during the day to help the company’s recruiters in hiring candidates.

Give the candidate a strong reason to join your organisation

Top talent is always in high demand. Just like you, every other organisation is on the hunt to hire the best human resources from the job market. Hence it is paramount that you give the candidate a compelling reason to join your organisation. One trick that Google uses here is to present the candidate with the profiles of highly talented employees within the organisation to show him the kind of people that he will get to work once he joins them.

Similarly, there are other ways in which you can entice a candidate to join you. Give him a trailer of the work environment, office space, facilities, growth opportunities, and so on. If you hit the sweet spot, you can positively influence the candidate’s decision.

Build your custom hiring process

Google’s successfully hiring strategy is a result of years of trial and error and relentless optimisation. It believes that every organisation must develop and refine its own hiring strategy. You must make sure that your hiring strategy caters to all your hiring needs.

So, as you can see, Google doesn’t do anything very unique to what other organisations do, but they do things with perfection. Its recruitment processes are well-defined and it strictly follows them. Hence, to achieve greater success in hiring top talent, mere implementation of the key takeaways is not enough; you also need to consistently and strictly practice them.