AvatarPrashant Shringarpure | May 10, 2019

In a situation where candidates are sourced from job portals or taken from the HR database of earlier candidates who could be a fit for current openings; recruiters reach out via phone calls or emails to potential candidates. It often results in an endless chase to know if candidates are interested and if they should be persuaded further.

Capturing candidate’s interest in open positions

We have made recruiters lives easier by adding a feature where a candidate indicates whether he/she is interested in a position you are considering him/her for.

When you invite candidates for a specific role, candidates review the details of the position and on the same page indicate “interested” or “not interested”.

When a candidate expresses an interest in the position, he/she starts the interaction with the chatbot to complete Litmus Profile.

Viewing candidate interest

In a “role workspace”, you can see the candidate’s interest against his/her name.’